Custom Designed Church: Unique People Called by God


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This resource will be republished under a new title: Ordinary People Transforming the World: We the Christian Church. Click here to find out more. It will be available in 2014.

Mobilize ordinary everyday people in Jesus’ call to transform the world. Make disciples… people who desire to know, follow and uniquely serve Jesus our Lord. Custom design a gathering of believers around the unique spiritual gifts and calls of God’s people. What would this look like? Wow! Only our Lord knows! After all, the biblical Greek word for church literally means “called-out-ones.” Therefore, God’s call is central to what the church is to “be” and “do.” Mobilizing unique people in Jesus’ call? The church would truly become the “called-out-ones”… unique people called out from behind walls to bring Jesus’ rule, reign and resurrection power to bear on all people, places and problems. The church would truly walk in conformity with Christ and His call.


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