Ordinary People Transforming the World: We the Christian Church



Available soon! We will announce when it is available!  Ordinary People Transforming the World: We the Christian Church will be available in a downloadable version. A photocopying license for a single congregation may also be purchased. This body of resources will replace The Custom Designed Church: Unique People Called by God.

Ordinary People Transforming the World will have several components. Some of them are available individually:

“Christian church” in the Biblical Greek literally means: “Anointed and Called-out-ones.” Church is not the GOAL. Rather, we the Christian church are  the Lord’s vehicle, called “out” by Jesus and anointed with the Holy Spirit to transform the world in the mission field of life: family, work, community, world and the gathering of believers. Jesus is risen and therefore still alive! He’s still calling and partnering with ordinary people like you to recreate reform and renew people, places and problems with His rule, reign, redeeming and resurrection power! You are the church, “anointed” with the Holy Spirit, power and gifts for the purpose of accomplishing Jesus’ call.