“Who are You?” Service Profile – Photocopying License




Identify your own and other people’s talents, strengths, and skills with this quick and easy-to-use profile!

This purchase is for a downloadable profile with a license for reproduction within a single congregation. Contact us to inquire about the purchase of a license agreement for the reproduction of the profile outside of a single congregation (multi-site churches, synods, parachurch organizations, districts, diocese, etc.).

The profile functions as a checklist of talents and skills divided into several categories: performing, artistic, creative, manual, administrative, writing, outreach and people skills. In addition, the profile allows a person to describe some of their experience, interests, desires, likes and dislikes for serving.

For further resources to assist in mobilizing people, check out these Call Inc. resources: We the Christian Church & Custom Designed Reflection Guide. If you would like this profile for your own personal use, you can download it for free on our home page.